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Picking up the damaged pieces is a heavy cost.

Fortunately, your security is our highest priority.

Our highly trained security officials ensure that your peopleand assets are safe day and night. Our professional executives and theirimmediate subordinates have a combined total of over 40 years of applicable experience. We are proud to include a highpercentage of former military and law enforcement in leadership positions and we have superior security knowledge and training to support you. Our officers are professional and accredited.

We Don’t Just Care About Security.
We Care About You.

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Wright Security Enterprises provides various types of professional security including, but not limited to:

  • Guard Services
  • Mobile Patrol Services
  • Security Guard Training
  • State Security Contracts

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“We consider WSE to be a critical and prudent component to managing our assets…”

–David Glennie: President of Glennie Property Investments, Inc

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I know many business owners across town, and they all agree the service you provide is top notch!  Your staff are very professional, kind and have the public’s best interest in mind.

–Braden Thomas: Multiple Lines Agent for American National

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Tips for Being More Secure

What To Do in the Event of An Active Shooter?

Prior to an event happening, you should become familiar with company policies and procedures when dealing with an active shooter. Most company policies and procedures reflect or are very similar to Run, Hide, Fight. Run Try to exit as quickly and safely as possible. Try to encourage others you may encounter along the way to [...]

10 Simple Steps to Make Your Office or Building More Secure

Identify problematic areas i.e. gap/hole in a fence, window missing/broken etc. Improve those problematic areas by upgrading the flaw or weaker security area. For Example: a standard door may only have 1 inch screws in the strike face of the door—meaning the door latches can easily be kicked in. By upgrading the screws to 2 [...]

What To Do After a Commercial Break In?

Call law enforcement and make a report. Look at the area where the break in occurred. Look for what happened. For example: Was a window not secure or was a window broken? Was a door left unsecure, was there forced entry, or was there tools used to gain entry? Determine what you need to do [...]

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