1. Identify problematic areas i.e. gap/hole in a fence, window missing/broken etc.
  2. Improve those problematic areas by upgrading the flaw or weaker security area. For Example: a standard door may only have 1 inch screws in the strike face of the door—meaning the door latches can easily be kicked in. By upgrading the screws to 2 inch screws you drive those into the 2×4 of the frame it increases the strength dramatically.
  3. Utilize camera systems in problematic areas.
  4. Switch out standard locks with sturdier locks.
  5. Switch door strike faces that may be 1 inch or smaller with 2 inch metal strike faces.
  6. Add lights to doors/access points into a building/office.
  7. Utilize motion activated lights.
  8. Switch out weaker panel doors to standard wood doors which are more sturdy.
  9. Purchase a safe and secure it by bolting it down or chaining it up.
  10. Add an alarm system.

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